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365 Days

posted Nov 28, 2010, 8:38 PM by Ross Olson
One year later and James continues to amaze us. He also happens to keep us running around a lot, and hence the lack of updates here. Teething is weighing heavily on our schedules as the nights are punctuated with cries and fussiness rules the day on a regular basis. Between these times, we still see him smiling and laughing with ease. He still has smiles for miles, but we are ever mindful to keep his acetaminophen dropper close at hand.

We are patiently waiting for medical results in the next week to see how the future will play out. Our special little guy will have some special little needs, and it is important we find out as much as we can today, to plan for his tomorrow.

We hope we make the right decisions. It is his happiness that we hang our hopes on. Our only guide these days is his laughter. Let's hope the next 365 days are filled with those giggles.