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A Merried Christmas

posted Dec 22, 2009, 12:06 AM by Ross Olson   [ updated Dec 26, 2009, 2:34 PM ]
Contrary to the dire tone of the previous post here, Christmas was really nice, if a little low key. We got our tree late in the season. So late that the lot we usually get it from was vacated and only had leftover 3- and 4-foot trees sitting out, asking for a donation (if you could afford one, but feel free to take one if you couldn't).

This year the tree is in the same corner where we usually have it, but sits on top of a table. The 4-foot table plus the 4-foot tree in the (now) oversized 1-foot stand actually makes the tree look quite sizable when you're looking into the living room from the sidwalk outside.

Presents were short and sweet this year as James got clothes and a few stuffed animals, Amy got a new iPod and I got a bluetooth headset (Oregon law requires them while driving starting Jan 1). The boxes for diapers and moist wipes have come in handy to sort and store some stuff, even if the stuff is stuff that needs to have stuff done before it can be filed away like proper stuff. That whole “a place for everything...” goal is a little closer.

I think we've started a new tradition, at least I hope we have: christmas spaghetti! Amy put a lot of effort into it and it came out delicious. I think we may have to wait till next year to share with James.

Amy's mood has leveled out and I think I've been in pretty good spirits. The sun is shining and excepting a skipped paycheck for the family leave I took, things are going pretty well.

It should also be noted that today marks his original due date. He certainly avoided that whole overlapping birthday/christmas issue...