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Green is the Color

posted Mar 20, 2010, 11:02 AM by Ross Olson   [ updated Mar 20, 2010, 12:17 PM ]
This morning I’m sitting with James next to me on the desk as I try to clean up months worth of open web pages I’ve wanted to read, in preparation of dealing with more months of e-mail in my inbox. The big boy is doing pretty well considering the 2 weeks at OHSU and the week at home with the feeding tube. In fact, this week he turned 4 months old.

James spent the food tube days at his Uncle's house being watched by Grandma and his Aunt and cousins with help from Grandpa. Food tube nights were handled back at home, with me taking a short shift after work until midnight and Amy taking the midnight to 7am care and feedings. The actual physical tube he used was the one I inserted at the hospital and it did not need to be replaced while he was at home. I’m glad for that. Threading that tube down his nose was one of the more emotionally challenging trials I've ever encountered.

The virus that put him in this situation was resolved a week or more prior, so once the food tube week was removed, he was cleared to get back into daycare. The daycare place we picked out has been great. The infant care room has some really nice women in it and they all adore the children that come in. You can see the love and I feel like James is in good hands during the afternoons he's there.

He's still spitting up enough that I‘m making him small batch bottles of 2-3oz (30-45ml), though he’s taking twice that in some settings. I think the feeding tube left him with a raw throat since he still gets these coughing fits that just take all his energy. The second set of shots at his 4 month wellness check up on Thursday certainly didn’t “pep” him up either. He sleeps a lot these days, but I think that will turn around soon.

In addition to all the medical stuff, James is really starting to smile at us. Time on the changing table taking care of him, holding him after he has taken his bottle and anytime I’m up-close with him he gets a great little toothless grin on his face that stays in my mind all the time.

The photo was from St. Patrick’s Day this week, as he got ready to go to daycare. I've added a photo to the previous entry too.