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Home First, Home First, Jiggity Jig

posted Dec 8, 2009, 12:07 AM by Ross Olson   [ updated Dec 11, 2009, 10:42 PM ]
We went up to OHSU on Saturday to pick up the little man. The hour we chose landed in the middle of a shift change, the lactation consultant was on a tight schedule and (wow!) was there a lot of paperwork for us to review. Oddly, there was only one single paper to sign to bring him home.

So he had his first ride in the car at about 6pm on Saturday, 5 December and came home to an as usual overstuffed apartment. Next to the pile of Goodwill-donations-to-be, there's a new heater, a new pack ‘n’ play, a new bouncer, and a few bins of clothes, toys, and supplies. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” is not a mantra that I’ve been able to maintain with this influx of equipment.

Over the past week I've made a small amount of headway in the organization side of things, but not much. Other here-un-named issues have been taking quite a bit of time. However with a weekend when offices are closed and Portland set to become the next Nome, Alaska, we are going to be home-bound, more than likely. Rearranging things in the apartment will be the primary method of blowing off cooped-up steam, not to mention generating heat and warmth.

This week we had our first visit with our pediatrician, Dr S. who told us that James is looking fine and healthy, tracking well on weight and length. He’s doing well enough that we are no longer tied to an every-three-hour feeding schedule, which is a huge step forward for those of us who would like to try out this REM sleep that seems to be all the rage.  Amy also had the first of a few follow up appointments with our providers and we’ll have a few more next week.

Tomorrow marks one week with Jayray at home. I’m hoping to connect with his grandma and grandpa tomorrow for a video chat. Perhaps a great-uncle will be available too.