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It’s been one week...

posted Nov 24, 2009, 4:46 PM by Ross Olson
The tube is his gavage/feeding tube. He’s not quite up to taking all of his food orally, so they’re using this to get him the calories he needs. He’s taking some milk via a bottle but if he tires out, they just let the rest gravity feed directly into his tummy.

The air tube which was cranked down over a period of days is finally gone. He got off of it on Tuesday, a great present for Amy’s birthday.

He's developed a very red rash in his diaper, as it seems his poop at this point is pretty caustic or acidic. Either way he's got a lot of salve to put on it. The picture has him making an 'o' with his mouth and it looked like he was feeling something very cold on him bum. I thought it was pretty funny.

(Title of this post brought to you by the Barenaked Babies.)