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Superbaby Sunday

posted Feb 7, 2010, 11:17 AM by Ross Olson   [ updated Mar 20, 2010, 12:11 PM ]
James continues to grow and there is no stopping him. He has been blissfully unaware of closely held chaos around him. He is sleeping for longer stretches, and taking more formula in a single feeding. We have just started using an 8oz bottle in addition to the 4 ouncer that we've had for the first two months. Amy was looking at some of his NICU pictures and said she was surprised at just how much he has developed.

It is surprising, to be sure. Not because we didn't expect it, but because when you're with him for every day of his life, it is hard to detect the changes. I am so glad I was pushy about taking his picture at every step of the way. I have a poor memory for events in my life and these pictures allow me to dredge up the memories that are already starting to get buried.

I mentioned the chaos surrounding him, and I want to clarify that for him, the chaos is simply frazzled faces looking at him when he gets his bottle or a diaper change.

For Amy and I however, we have felt like we're skirting disaster at every turn. Broken water pipes in the kitchen ceiling, surgical procedures, medical appointments of all kinds, medication issues, a broken car (admittedly that car has +280k miles on it), flesh wounds, childcare runarounds and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. 

Meanwhile. James sleeps cradled in the nook of my arm as I lie in bed. Amy stirs for a moment and then goes back to sleep. A moment of tranquillity on a Sunday morning.

(Added March 20: Photo from first Timbers game on Feb 17 at Merlo Field at University of Portland.)